As of June 2022, we are finally back to ringing! If you are interested in joining us please let us know by filling out the form on our visiting ringers page or, if you are not a ringer but wish to observe, our non-ringer visitors page.

Join Us

Regular Ringing

Wednesday Practice 7pm
Sunday Service Ringing 9:45am & 12:15am

Visiting Ringers & Bands

Change ringers from other towers are very welcome to join our ringing while visiting New York. Bands may also book the bells for peal attempts and specialized practices.

Interested in Learning?

Non-ringers are very welcome to visit the tower to watch us ring, and, if they wish, to have a ringing lesson with an instructor. For more information, arrange a visit.

Upcoming Events

2022 Striking Competition

The Trinity Striking Competition is once again postponed. This website will be updated as soon the event is rescheduled.

Event Registration

We encourage all ringers and visitors to create an account with us. We will use our website for future event registration such as for the striking competition and 12-bell weekends. We are planning a number of events when it is safe to resume ringing, so stay tuned!

Ringing at Trinity

Video from Palm Sunday 2015.

Band News

March 19, 2020

We're sorry to pass on the news that Roger Savory died peacefully in his sleep on Friday March 13th. He was 90. Roger was a big contributor to helping build a change ringing band when the Trinity bells were installed in 2006, and he was a good friend to many in the band at that time. He attended regularly until about 2013, after which he could no longer manage the stairs. Roger was an active and very accomplished ringer for many decades, both in North America and earlier in the UK, and he rang just over 800 peals.

May 6, 2018
Today’s ringing saw much of our repertory, including Stedman, Erin, Grandsire, Plain Bob, Cambridge, Bristol, and of course Plain Hunt and Rounds & Call Changes. Our post-service open ringing closed with something borrowed from the orchestra tradition for a farewell, by which individual groups or instrumentalists drop out one by one. We started with rounds on 10, and on command of the conductor “Treble Stand”, the 1 was set, and a minute or so later the same call meant the 2 was set, and onward with rounds on 8, 7, 6, 5, etc. until only the tenor remained ringing, and it tolled 11 times, once for each year since the bells were installed.