Tower Entry

All visitors are more than welcome to both Service Ringing and practices, but please note you must contact us in advance to be placed on the building security list. If you are a visiting ringer, please fill out our visiting ringers form, or if you are not a ringer and you'd like to come observe and learn more about change ringing please fill our our non-ringers vistors form.

For Practices & Sunday Service Ringing

The main entrance to the church is on Broadway, on the West side of the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street. Ringers meet at the security tent to the left of the entrance as you face the church; if you are running late, give your name to the security guard, tell them you are a bell ringer, and ask to be let up.

On Sundays, please be very quiet on the stairs, as the choir may be singing in the gallery, and/or a sound engineer may be working in a booth next to the steps.


Our ringing room is at the top of 99 steps of a spiral staircase, and a short, angled ladder with railings. Unfortunately this means our tower is not wheelchair accessible, or to those who may not be in condition to climb the steps.

Visitors should be aware that there is no restroom in the ringing room or chamber below, and must descend the steps to use the facilities.