Touches may be recorded and analyzed using HawkEar. This software measures striking accuracy and produces various graphs and metrics to aid in improving striking.

Click on the button further below to review HawkEar results for touches that have been analyzed. These results should open in a separate browser tab.

Stars are awarded by HawkEar for standard deviation results as follows:

Stars Standard deviation Translation
1 star     44-51 ms Reasonable
2 stars    38-43 ms Good
3 stars    33-37 ms Very good
4 stars    28-32 ms Excellent
5 stars    24-27 ms Fantastic
6 stars    20-23 ms Best bands in the world
7 stars    0-19 ms Impossible!

HawkEar can help us determine when we're ready to attempt a QP or peal in a method we've been practicing. As rough guidelines, achieving 1 star might be an indication that the band is ready to attempt a QP in that method. A score of 2 stars might be considered a reasonable minimum level of striking for a peal.

HawkEar results