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The Trinity Ringers

The band of ringers at Trinity Church is a group of volunteers who meet twice a week in Lower Manhattan to enjoy the mental and physical challenge of ringing the bells as precisely and skilfully as possible. From many different walks of life, and from as far away as North Jersey and Southern Connecticut, we meet to enjoy a hobby with our friends, and make music. On Wednesday nights after two and a half hours of practice, we retreat to the pub to share food and drink, to critique our performances and discuss the matters of the day.

From the Wall Street Journal...

In 2010, Alice Truong of the Wall Street Journal made a video (Adobe Flash) of one of our bell ringers for their online blog: "Odd Jobs". Watch the video below and see the full article here.

Current Officers

There are no current officers set up in the database.

Past Officers

YearNameOfficer roleOfficer type
2020Chase, KiraRinging MasterElected Officer
2020Dakan, MylesDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2020Harrison, MikeSecretaryElected Officer
2020Barnes, TimSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2020Gosden, ElaineTreasurerElected Officer
2019Barnes, TimRinging MasterElected Officer
2019Barton, StuartDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2019Henry, DavidSecretaryElected Officer
2019Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2019Gosden, ElaineTreasurerElected Officer
2018Barnes, TimRinging MasterElected Officer
2018Barton, StuartDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2018Henry, DavidSecretaryElected Officer
2018Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2018Gosden, ElaineTreasurerElected Officer
2017Barnes, TimRinging MasterElected Officer
2017Barton, StuartDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2017Henry, DavidSecretaryElected Officer
2017Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2017Gosden, ElaineTreasurerElected Officer
2016Hitchings, TinaRinging MasterElected Officer
2016Barnes, TimDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2016Henry, DavidSecretaryElected Officer
2016Hitchings, JohnSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2016Gosden, ElaineTreasurerElected Officer
2015Hitchings, TinaRinging MasterElected Officer
2015Barnes, TimDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2015Mackley, JennySecretaryElected Officer
2015Hitchings, JohnSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2015Gosden, MarkTreasurerElected Officer
2014Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2014Knott, ChapmanRinging MasterElected Officer
2014Large, DuncanDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2014Mackley, JennySecretaryElected Officer
2014Barnes, TimSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2014Gosden, MarkTreasurerElected Officer
2013Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2013Hitchings, JohnRinging MasterElected Officer
2013Harrison, MikeDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2013Partridge, MarthaSecretaryElected Officer
2013Lam, AmySteeplekeeperElected Officer
2013Barnes, TimTreasurerElected Officer
2012Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2012Hitchings, JohnRinging MasterElected Officer
2012Harrison, MikeDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2012Hall, KrystlSecretaryElected Officer
2012Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2012Barnes, TimTreasurerElected Officer
2011Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2011Barnes, TimRinging MasterElected Officer
2011Hitchings, JohnDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2011Bates, JeremySecretaryElected Officer
2011Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2011Kodrich, LynnTreasurerElected Officer
2010Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2010Large, DuncanRinging MasterElected Officer
2010Bailey, StephenDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2010Barnes, TimSecretaryElected Officer
2010Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2010Mosley, PamTreasurerElected Officer
2010Damassa, AnneTrinity LiaisonEx Officio Officer
2009Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2009Russell, GregRinging MasterElected Officer
2009Danaher, JohnDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2009Furnivall, TonySecretaryElected Officer
2009Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2009Mosley, PamTreasurerElected Officer
2009Damassa, AnneTrinity LiaisonEx Officio Officer
2008Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2008Barnes, TimRinging MasterElected Officer
2008Kodrich, LynnDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2008Furnivall, TonySecretaryElected Officer
2008Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2008Danaher, JohnTreasurerElected Officer
2008Damassa, AnneTrinity LiaisonEx Officio Officer
2007Mallonee, Rev Canon AnneChairmanEx Officio Officer
2007Barnes, TimRinging MasterElected Officer
2007Kodrich, LynnDeputy Ringing MasterElected Officer
2007Furnivall, TonySecretaryElected Officer
2007Russell, GregSteeplekeeperElected Officer
2007Danaher, JohnTreasurerElected Officer

Full Members

1Barnes, Tim
2Bates, Jeremy
3Chase, Kira
4Dakan, Myles
5Furnivall, Tony
6Gibson, Elsie
7Gosden, Elaine
8Gosden, Mark
9Harrison, Mike
10Henry, David
11Hitchings, John
12Hitchings, Tina
13Hughes, Elliot
14Janke, Andrew
15Kodrich, Lynn
16Pacey, Charlotte
17Russell, Greg

Associate Members

1Barton, Stuart
2Brennan, Scott
3Chang, Yin-Wen
4Gosden, Sam
5Hall, Krystl
6House, Phoebe
7Lam, Amy
8Leslie, Ted
9Micocci, Tony
10Partridge, Martha
11Potter, Daniel
12Russell, Emily
13Winter, Dale

Honorary Members

1Faulkes, Dill
2Savory, Roger
3Wilby, Andrew

Other Regulars

1Austin, Matt
2Morris, Zane