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Information on the Trinity Ringers, and on Change Ringing in General

Change ringing provides about 40,000 people in at least 10 different countries with a pastime that includes an intellectual and physical challenge, a strong social component, and an opportunity for lifetime learning. Change ringing has aspects that are mechanical, rhythmical, musical and mathematical, and above all it involves teamwork. Change ringing is an art form with a history that dates back more than 400 years.

There are over 5,000 towers across the world that contain change ringing bells. The majority of these are in the UK, where change ringing originally developed. There are around 40 installations of change ringing bells in towers across the US, and another 7 in Canada.

Most change ringing installations comprise 6 or 8 bells. Change-rings at larger churches and cathedrals tend to have 10 or 12 bells. Trinity has 12 bells, and is the only tower in the US with 12 change ringing bells.

The websites and articles listed below provide some background on change ringing, and further information on the Trinity Ringers.

However, change ringing is best understood by seeing it live. To arrange to visit the tower at Trinity Wall Street, watch us ring, and have a go yourself (if you'd like to), please click here.

  • Read an article about change ringing at Trinity Wall Street that was published in the New York Times in September 2009

  • Read this article, written by one of the Trinity Ringers

  • The Trinity Ringers are part of the North American Guild of Change Ringers. Visit the NAGCR website

  • The NAGCR is affiliated with the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. Visit the CCCBR website

  • Visit the bells page of the Trinity Wall Street church website

  • Explore the rest of this website